About Mayzee

CEO, president, vice-president and secretary of the communications firm, Klaus Communications, I officially became a writer when my third grade teacher sent a letter home to my mother saying that, based on my short story about a French Poodle named Alfred, she could see great potential in me as a writer.

Since that time, I’ve been writing all kinds of things. For clients, I’ve written press releases about dental mouth wash for dogs, web content for industrial cleaning companies, newsletters for employee rights lawyers, brochures for nonprofit rehabs, and articles on everything from cold laser therapy to modular office decor.

I also write for me. And for any and all audiences willing to listen to my stories. Luckily, my life has taken me on a whole lot of adventures- some big, some small but all of them providing great material, maybe several books’ worth. At present, I’m working on getting some of it down in one such book. In the meantime, enjoy!



18 Responses to “About Mayzee”

  1. josey Says:

    Mar- no Mayzee -this is so fabulous. Why have you never sent me these before? I read some and will save some to read when I’m not in a hurry. Keep em coming. Talk to you soon . Love you. xxx

  2. Nick Bizony Says:

    Great! Had no idea you were doing this. I think there’s a career here!
    If newspapers weren’t all going the way of the dinosaur, one of them ought to pick you up for a regular column. A lot of folks out there can relate.
    Will forward to my more erudite friends.

  3. Steve Gold Says:

    Writing press releases for canine mouthwash may help pay the bills but it can’t showcase your writing ability the way this forum does. Sixties Chick is insightful and a treat to read. Congrats.

  4. Natalie Roseman Says:

    Hi Mayzee…I love your’ Sixties Chic’ stories, and marvel at how wonderfully you write. You hold all of us (readers) captive, and can’t wait to finish one segment, so that I can hurry to read the next. I can
    relate to most of the stories,’having been there and done that’..but sure
    can’t put it all down on paper, as you can…Love to you and Ani, and
    being a dog lover, Rio as well…Natalie (The Saint) (Peg’s gift to me)

  5. Uncle Louis Says:

    Mary: Todays is among the best.We both enjoyed it.Many of your blurbs appear to have a philosophical bent. If things get tough you might try being a schrink. Keep ’em comming.

  6. sistaKT Says:

    hows that book going???? xoxox

  7. myra werrin sacks Says:

    really glad to know that lilacs revived your spirit and energized the sparks in your posting. stuart told me that your mothers were dear friends. I loved her so…. as for me, i heard stories about your mexican adventures with ms. berg when we went to pitt together…kismet isnt it…

  8. Lita Preisinger Says:

    Amazing site, where did you come up with the knowledge in this posting? Im pleased I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

  9. Nancy Guggenheim Berger Says:

    Mar — Lovin’ the reading. Great work. I’m jealous, since my forte is editing and proofing — and these words appear to flow so easily from your creative brain …!!! Sending the link to a friend who’s about to begin blogging about aging — screaming and clawing the whole way down.

  10. Jude Johnson Says:

    i don’t have time to read anything tonite because we are going away
    early in the morning and have to get ready, but it was ssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo super-duper to talk to you, and i look forward to seeing you before long!!!
    lots of love, jude (413) 624-3963

  11. Jini Loos Says:

    Was led to your site by my friend Maura Ciccarelli. Fun read!

  12. Petrimpessice Says:

    I apologize that distracting , but I have some reason crookedly displayed in your browser , and some buttons do not see what could be wrong?

  13. Carol (Snyder) Richmond Says:

    Mary/Mayzee – just checked out the blog. You’re great, but that’s not new information! Saw that Josey responded a while back. I sent her a friend request but heard nothing back. What do I expect 40 years later?Nevertheless, I was disappointed! I would love to connect with the few people I really liked and stand out for me as solid citizens of our youth to see where they are and what they think about! As for you, you have a new fan!

  14. Sarah Says:

    What a treat!

  15. Sandy Freid Says:

    peggy sent me the link and i read “master teacher” first. so happy to be in connection with you and touched and inspired by your humanity and perspective.

  16. Forest Says:

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  17. Adrian Says:

    A song used very effectively in Mad Men. I’ve been wnhaticg old episodes, recorded over the weekend (but Argh, STILL haven’t seen Season 1!). Love this show. Another richly-deserved batch of Emmy nominations.

  18. Seijaku Roshi Says:

    I have know Mayzee now for about two years. She is one of the finest women I have had the privilege to know. She is a person of real integrity, devotion, and authenticity.

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